Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Time, what exactly is time? More than a measurement forsure. As time slips through my grip faster each day,  I realise I am getting older. Yeah I may only be 23, but I stop to think about all the missed opportunities I've had. As I see all my peers proudly wearing their caps and gowns, I ask myself where did I go wrong?  If I could turn back that clock to sometime during my 11th grade year and tell myself how miserable life can be if I don't get into my dream school, perhaps today would be different. Perhaps life would have been a bit different had I understand the value of time. Sometimes it may seem as all I do is talk about HS, and thay may be true. It was an important  time in my life that I enjoyed but wished I had done different, whenever I talk about it, it helps me bring closure .

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


It has been a little bit over 3 years since I have posted on this blog, much has changed in the time since, even more since when I first started this blog back in 2012 as I was still a High School senior at that time. I have been fortunate to have been able to travel and discover more of this world, meet great people along the way.  In the time since my last post. Til this day I still find my self trying to find more qualities about myself... and as I work on finding them I commit alot of mistakes. These mistakes amount for time loss,but as I once learned I will survive, I will live. I've failed over and over, but what keeps me going is the thrill of winning. Winning for me is obtaining experiences , that of which no one could ever take away from me. I think to myself how fortunate I have been these last three year to have been able to travel more than ever. I WANT to know first hand what it is, in my travels I hope to find the missing pieces that I need to complete my puzzle. With this ever changing world, and politics, one must appreciate the moment because you do not know if you will be given the opportunity to live it again. One trip that has really changed me is Cuba, I've seen life from a distinct perspective., but to be honest all the trips change me one way or another.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


   I am still young,  the journey is only beginning. Along the way there maybe bumps, traffic jams, pit stops, detour lanes and more but that shall not stop me from getting to where I want and can get. I am no ones puppet, I am no ones slave. I am myself, a man capable of reaching his goal. A man capable of achieving more than what others may believe is his barrier. I shall return, stronger, bolder, faster, wiser, smarter.
I promise.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daily thought.

Costellating  The craziest kind of persons are the ones that don't realize they're crazy and act in foolish ways. You learn from different people, and who they are but you learn the most from the ones who don't seem to be thinking right. What goes through their minds? Why do they act that way? many of these answers are hard to answer by simple observation. The ones I think are the craziest of them all are entitlelist, people who feel they should be given everything and everything has to go their way. They put themselves first, and don't care about anyone else or anything for that fact. They see this egotistic kind of behavior as something "normal". I've been learning to cope with these kind of personalities, it's hard trying not to let these kind of attitudes get under your skin, but as my mom says, The crazy one is the one that pays attention and takes the crazy persons words to heart. It's better to ignore these kind of people, and if ignoring is not an option, at least make them think you care, when deep down inside you could careless about them.

      What I dislike the most about these types of people, is that they want to make you feel less than them because they are entitled to be better due to their education or wealth or simply a position in what ever it is. At the same time I've realized these kind of people are actually quite miserable, they need to act that tway to "feel" better about themselves. I hope I never become an entitlelist person, because it's miserable step to take and a very rude way of thinking. Sadly we live in a society full of them, but one must not look down on society based upon these kind of individual, one must learn from them to be the best individual one can be.

Monday, February 3, 2014


My past's dreams and goals haunt me in my dream, make it seem so real and so sweet yet so far and so bitter. Looking to renew my goal, to reactivate my destiny. Meet her again after a thousand moonlight, just to open the doors to my past, and see what I miss.  Storm through the woods in search for my crown of fire. Soon, I'll return my friend. Today is only temporary, tomorrow is forever. This road never ends. Wait, I'm no longer that fool you thought I was.

The Mindustry Life

It's been a while since I've written on my blog, I believe this is the first time since High School(I've graduated almost 2 years now). Lot of things have change, from the way I think, to the way I act, not completely but some aspects have. I've been learning a lot about this world, and this world has been learning a lot about me. It feels different than it did back in High School, yes it feels like you got a lot more freedom, but at the same time you got way more responsibilities. You think after HS you'll be able to see your old friends more often because you will have more "free" time, but that's just a lie. Everyone has their own personal life now, people only hang out if they feel like it. Back in HS it was cause that was the freedom you'd get away from school, but now that you're out, you got the freedom to choose.

Sometimes I look back at my old self through words I've written and pictures I've taken, and miss it. I wished I could be the same person I was then with some new ideas and views I've learned now. Life is about change and with out change nothing happens. I will be back, I won't let myself be dragged down the drain, I must re-establish myself. Find the same flame I once carried across the bridges. Stay tuned cause I WILL BE BACK!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mud world

One must walk amongst mud, but be very cautious of falling into it, and forever  stain the precious white robes.