Sunday, March 25, 2012


Funny to watch these kids change and try to "fit in" betraying themselves. Most change when they join things at school, for example Football, Baseball, Basketball, Drill, Cheerleading and sometimes even Leadership. They go from being a mere nobody into this person who everyone like now just because he or she is part of this "ELITE" group. Not trying to say everybody in these groups  do this, but the truth is most people in them do. These groups are good self steam boosters, but this boost changes people. The person you once knew is now a thing of the past. Some cheerleaders and drill girls use this confidence boost to go after the jocks, just because everyone at school knows their name. The sad part is that some of these Jocks get so much of a confidence boost that they don't really care for the girl because they know they can pick up on another, and therefore end up hurting the girl, which causes those girls to believe every man is a jerk.

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